Our Training solutions supports your leader's preparedness to help get your organization at a higher competitive level.


Our Training services train you and your leaders in segments of standards like ISO, COPC, and CMMi, etc. We train your leaders to either help them get certified or get them at par to Auditors to help your organization get certified.


We train and certify people in methods like Project Management and Six Sigma. Our modules includes training of Six Sigma (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt), Project and Portfolio Management.


We consult in the space of Standards Certifications, Business Data Analytics, and IT Consulting.

Certification Services

We provide Auditing Services to get certified for different ISO, COPC certifications. With a strong stakeholder support, we offer to drive or support drive projects within your organization for different ISO Standards like 9001, Information security, Energy, Food and safety, Environment, and other ISO standards.

Business Data Analytics Services

Our Data Mining, Analytics, and business process consulting helps your organization with first and third party view in analysing right data based on or for a focus on strategy. We train, consult, or drive your Six Sigma/OPM3 projects with a focus on sustainable quality helping identify opportunities, improve bottom lines, and drive results.

IT Consulting Services

We provide end to end consulting for your IT Solution needs, whether telecom, software, or hardware. We assist plan budgets for your IT strategies. We assist you Plan, Deploy, or Scale IT Hardware Systems, LAN, and Software solutions in your organization; avoiding integration issues or silo working systems.

Implementation Management - Organization

Assessing / Auditing existing processes of projects, programs, and portfolio management, gap analysis between implementation practiced and organizational goals and strategy. Suggesting and supporting improvement initiatives to increase organization maturity to ensure predictability in implementation.

Implementation Management - People

Assessing, gap analysis and training of personnel in knowledge and competency in project, program, and portfolio management for implementation of organizational goals and strategy.

Application and Support Services

We support your drafting, filing, and maintenence of Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks.


We collaborate with you and experts to handle complex patent drafting projects. Our patent team collaborates with Vendors who build, protect, and manage IP assets for wide range of high technology companies. And with a network of highly experienced attorneys and vendors we are able to serve clients across locations.


We help you prepare, file, and register your copyrights by providing expert advise on how to get protected in different kinds of work. Our expert collaboration, when needed, allows you a comprehensive package of getting your work or literature copyrighted at market prices with good support for your axillary needs.


We offers a range of trademark solutions for corporate trademark owners that span the entire trademark lifecycle - from trademark creation and clearance to protection by supporting prosecution-driven tasks to enforcement and trademark maintenance across locations and countries at market competitve prices.